Ceylon tea increases footprint in largest retail chains in Poland

In a significant breakthrough, Sri Lanka’s tea exports to the Polish retail market will increase from 2022 onwards with the expanded supply of Ceylon tea to Poland’s largest retail chains Biedronka (Ladybird) and Auchan.   Biedronka has already sourced a total of 109,699 kilos of Ceylon tea, valued at $ 754,641.12 from the new Sri Lankan export partner between February and July 2022. This is an important opportunity for further expanding the Ceylon tea footprint in the Polish retail market, while increasing the appreciation for Sri Lanka’s premium tea among the largely tea-drinking Polish consumers. Tea comprised 31.60% of Sri Lanka’s exports to Poland in 2020.  Biedronka sources its products mainly from Polish suppliers. However, the retail chain offers opportunities for a range of high quality consumer products from foreign suppliers to be sold at its stores. Compliance with EU quality/standards, uninterrupted delivery and the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) profile, are essential for Biedronka, when sourcing items from foreign buyers. Read more