The Tea Promotion Unit of the Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing promoted Ceylon Black Tea at the International Tea Day,2022

The Sri Lanka Embassy in Beijing celebrated the International Tea Day on 07 June, 2022. The International Tea Day falls on 21 May annually. However, due to the Covid pandemic restrictions, the Embassy shifted the celebration to the 7th of June,2022. The event was organized in collaboration with XIAO GUAN CHA, a well reputed Chinese tea company. Several media personnel, tea buyers, Sri Lanka tea importers, tea connoisseurs and businessmen attended the program. In 2021, China imported 15.2M kg of Ceylon tea worth of USD 76M. However, the first quarter of 2022 registered minus growth due to closed tea shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants and pandemic related logistics restrictions.
The Ambassador Dr. Palitha Kohona speaking at the event said that, Sri Lanka Tea, Ceylon Tea, is unique. It is reputed for its taste, aroma, purity, depth, and well known health benefits. Black tea is well known antioxidants. The Ambassador further noted that China could consume more Ceylon tea and encouraged the importers and buyers to purchase more Ceylon tea to experience its benefits. A larger and more lucrative market would assist Sri Lanka to eliminate rural poverty, as China also has done. He called upon the Sri Lanka exporters to target the Chinese market and to meet its standard packing requirements.
The Ambassador said that China is the second largest economy in the world, which could be a potential market for Sri Lanka new exporters. The Ambassador requested Sri Lanka exporters to strive to the China Customs requirements registering with the General Administration of China Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC).
The Ambassador with Mr. Sampath Perera (Tea Promotion Officer) also took time to demonstrated the preparation of best cup of Ceylon tea, lemon tea and milk tea. Question and answer session elaborated more about the Ceylon tea unique properties by the Tea promotion officer.
All the participants were served with Ceylon tea. The event displayed 7 regional teas of Sri Lanka and the major tea grades imports by Chinese buyers.

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