Ceylon Tea presence at UNESCO International Tea Day celebrations

On the occasion of the International Tea Day proclaimed by the United Nations (in 2020 on 21st May), UNECO in Paris celebrated the International Tea Day. The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris organized Ceylon Tea promotion at this festive evening.

The event was held on 25th May Wednesday, at 6 to 8.00 pm, organized by UNESCO Community Association in Paris, in partnership with the Franco-Chinese Cultural and Artistic Exchange Centre, attended by over 200 invitees mainly UNESCO delegates from Member States including Ambassadors and other distinguished invitees.

The UNESCO Community Association invited the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris to organize a Ceylon Tea Promotional Stall, recognizing Sri Lanka as a significant producer of tea in the world.

The event was represented by several other tea producing countries such as Azerbaijan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Tanzania and Vietnam etc. The Ceylon Tea Stall was highly attracted by almost all invitees, and they had the opportunity of tasting a cup of pure Ceylon tea. Seven geographical varieties of Ceylon Tea were displayed in Glasses, enabling visitors to witness the taste difference clearly.

A small pack of tea was distributed as a gift among visitors as a token of appreciation for their loyalty to Ceylon Tea. A promotional video issued by Sri Lanka Tea Board on the occasion of International Tea Day was also displayed. The Ambassador of Sri Lanka Prof. Kshanika Hirimburegama had the opportunity to address the main audience and explained the position of Sri Lanka as the main tea producer in the world with unique values of Ceylon tea and the health benefits of drinking Ceylon Tea.

Embassy of Sri Lanka in Paris

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